Answers to the questions.

№ 3. New scientific and economic technologies in area of support of investments allow to save up to 5-8 % of investments.
     This economy at the present stage of researches is only in unity with a new economic category which is named "guarantee".

№ 2. Informational capitalization is actualization of results of the new kind (modern kind) of extended reproduction.
     It is not financial capitalization.

№ 1. Modern political economy is a synthesis of classical political economy (thesis) after its critics by K.Marx (K.Marx’s economic theory; antithesis) against the background of negation of neoclassics (primarily, of a neoclassical branch of modern economic science, neo-institutionalism and “mainstream” on the whole)*.
     Modern political economy can be used to understand development of both separate countries and, probably, of especially large (transnational) corporations.
Modern political economy turned out rather efficient for the firms of small business (as a social and economic form).