Reproduction (the modern Brightness of Hegel's philosophy) is the second stage of actualization of the dialectical philosophy (in the 21st century).

Reproduction is the second (after the Hegel’s philosophy) stage of development of dialectical philosophy. Reproduction is defined by reproducing of the Hegel’s philosophy (in accordance with the indication about reproduction, which was wrote by the great philosopher himself, but has not yet been noticed for some reason).

Reproduction is based on phenomenologies of idea and has a wide, systematically structured methodological basis, which has no analogues (Source and secret of Hegel’s philosophy - "Phenomenology of spirit"...)

The dialectical development of Hegel’s philosophy, or, to be more exact, its reproduction is the philosophical basis of the new kind of researches and activity.

It is on the Reproduction philosophy that Modern political economy and, in particular, informational cartelization and informational capitalization of the firm of small business (as a social and economic form) is based.

* The term “Reproduction” (about which process the great thinker himself wrote), first of all for Hegel’s philosophy, was introduced in Russia in 2002.