Modern Political Economy.
- 04.07.09 г.
(In Russian / Русскоязычный тест: «Современная политическая экономия»)


Modern political economy is the stage of the development of political economy.

It is caused by the modern phase of the development of society, with it being the definitive stage of the political economy.

In the sense of epistemology, the modern political economy determines the author’s doctrine which has the same name (hereinafter referred to as the MPE).

In the sense of principles, MPE is caused by the development of Capital by K.Marx.

MPE is the definitive doctrine of real political economy.

Its foundations, subject and methods constituted the subject of the PhD dissertation (in Economics) which was defended at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2003.


MPE is the synthesis of classical political economy (the thesis) and its critics by K.Marx (K.Marx’s economic theory is the antithesis) against the background of the negation of neoclassical economics*.

Current social and economic Russian conditions and the ways of its progressive development are comprehended in MPE. However, the theories of MPE may be applied in the European Union and in some countries (Germany, France, the UK, Canada, Indonesia) to identify mainly the ways of solving following problems: 1) the decrease of widely known negatives of capitalism development, 2) the stabilization and increase of economic growth, 3) the progress of social situation.

Study of a possibility to create an alternative capitalist way of development for a single country or a group of countries has become one of the main matter subjects of MPE. The problems of the phenomenology of capitalism and of a new social and economic system are dealt with in the author’s monographs.

* In the author’s opinion, economic science has seriously lagged behind practice.